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CANCER CASE REPORTS - Volume 1; Issue 2, (2020)

Pages: 1-14

Taurine as Anticancer and Antiviral: Case Report and Prospective Update

Raul H Morales-Borge, Michael J González, Ramesh C Gupta, Olorunfemi Ayeotan

Category: Cancer Research

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Taurine is a sulfur amino acid of nutritional significance associated with tissue-protective activity in several forms of oxidant-induced injury. It has now established beneficial anticancer and antivirus properties. In present study two brief cases of Multiple Myeloma and Infectious Mononucleosis have been reported followed by a prospective update demonstrating the mechanism of action in neoplastic and viral diseases. With this study we believe practicing physicians can improve the existing therapeutic conditions by its utilization in clinical practice and beyond.

Keywords: Taurine, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Viral, Case Report, Update


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